PUBG suing Fortnite

PUBG suing Fortnite |PUBG lawsuit FORTNITE|


Reason behind PUBG suing Fortnite:

As we know that Pubg and Fortnite both are survival type games both are almost similar. PUBG is paid game when it was released on steam it became popular among players, but when EPic games launch its Fortnite for free. then its become more popular then PUBG. Fortnite stole all the players of PUBG. With the increasing the popularity of this game among gamers PUBG file a lawsuit against Fortnite in South that why PUBG suing Fortnite

PUBG suing Fortnite

Similarity and dissimilarity:

Both PUBG and Fortnite is a survival game. PUBG is paid game, the user has to pay money to play this game. But Fortnite is a free version game. PUBG graphics is very fine and realistic. It is first and third-person shooting game and Fortnite games have cartoonist graphics and it is third person shooting game you can build nay anything in Fortnite.Fortnite decrease the popularity of PUBG. so PUBG suing Fortnite by saying that Fortnite copied his idea.

PUBG suing Fortnite

What happens now:

Both games have partial ownership of Tencent. This case is now headed to the court, now a court will decide the result of this conflict by considering all the relevant point regarding these games. These game all for fun only not for conflict the main motive of these game should provide a better gaming experience to the gamers.let’s see what decision court will take now, stick for the rest of the updates regarding  PUBG suing Fortnite

PUBG suing Fortnite

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