AMD 32-Core Threadripper Processor | 2nd Generation |

AMD 32-core Threadripper processor, equal competition: In the Computex 2018, Intel announces a 28core i7 processor having  5.00GHz  processor […]

Apple removing Intel – Apple own processor –

Apple removing Intel: According to Bloomberg Apple decide to remove intel processor from his MacBook and decide to build his […]

Optane DC Memory | Intel’s new Memory |

Intel announcement regarding New Optane DC Memory: Intel has just introduced its new  Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory […]

External graphics card for laptop | Cost

• When You are doing Gaming in a laptop there is a lot of chance that your laptop […]

Xiaomi Youth Edition Mouse 1200DPI Wireless

Specification -: • Xiaomi recently releases their new Wireless mouse name Xiaomi Youth Edition Mouse on which cost around CNY […]

Intel Core i7-8086K | Anniversary Edition processor

Intel Core i7-8086K News and Price -: Nowadays there a rumor for new Intel CPU Intel Core i7-8086K. […]