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Intel announcement regarding New Optane DC Memory:

Intel has just introduced its new  Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory RAM. The new Optane Dc persistence memory is compatible with DDR4  memory slot.there are many types of RAM. some are slow like the DRAM and some are fast like SSDs and HDD. to This SSD are generally are very costly so some user not able to buy this so Intel announced its new Optane DC memory. it usually reduces the gap Between DRAM and SSDs.

Optane DC Memory


Everyone wants good performance memory with the affordable price but it is now possible with the coming of new Optane dc memory it gives the great performance with good storage and with affordable price. It is a middle way between DRAM and SSDs. It has a feature of SSDs and DRAM.it comes in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB of storage.this is fully secured, with good performance and affordable price.

Optane DC Memory

Intel XEON with Optane DC persistence memory

When Optane DC Persistence Memory combines with Intel future XEON process it gave no of advantages to us like

  • Decrease Restart time
  • more server
  • 9x more read transaction
  • 11x more user per system
  • Faster technology

Optane DC Memory

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