Nvidia RTX 2060 Price in india

Nvidia RTX 2060 Price in india – GTX 2060 – BenchMarks


Nvidia RTX 2060

Nvidia RTX 2060 Price in india

There are some rumors hanging around for Nvidia RTX 2060 leaked benchmark and what are performance gains this series 2060 get more from previous GTX 1060 and much here I’ll cover all the information for these new cards and much more relating to price also.

Nvidia RTX 2060 Price in India

So first of all, we all know about Nvidia RTX 2080 and 2080ti or in last RTX 2070 which are the latest offering from Nvidia and their performance where are they lying but everything aside if you want true RTX performance then you have to go for Nvidia RTX 2080ti which is best graphics card overall with performance gains from old GTX 1080ti except Price. But rest of the card Nvidia RTX 2080 and 2070 will offer only a few gains over last gen and not be able to push 60FPS in RTX title like Battlefield 5  even at 1080p.

But there is a new contender for the budget consumer which was RTX 2060 but I don’t think so this card will be coming with RTX core and other techs cause these cards are for the medium Budget consumer. So, if you keep following Nvidia and their Benchmark if you don’t then don’t worry we cover that topic below. So for Nvidia RTX 2060 Price in India is Rs.28999 INR and USD $350 in the US.

Nvidia RTX 2060 Benchmarks

Nvidia RTX 2060 Price in india

So, in this benchmark who is doing this test, he tests Nvidia RTX 2060 Final Fantasy XV in 3840*2160 with high quality preset and he gets 2589 Score points which are according to maths is 30.43 from previous gen Nvidia GTX 1060 which gets 1985 points and this Nvidia RTX 2060 card on left behind from 1070 with only 159 points which in percentage is 6.18% faster performance in Nvidia GTx 1070.

Nvidia RTX 2060 Price in india

So according to this graph, Nvidia RTX 2060 is on 4th position with 2589 point, this graphics card providing great performance not huge like the previous series but it’s a slight upgrade like other RTX card except RTX 2080ti. in near competition, there is AMD Radeon RX vega not mention which card get lead with only 115 points and On the top is AMD Radeon RX vega with 2892 points. But in real life how this card will perform, that depends when this card will launch.

Ray Tracing on GTX 2060

Ray tracing is a huge jump from Nvidia in the Gaming industry to push graphics to a new level in pc gaming. As you know that this technology is first from Nvidia in the consumer market and they are the only one who is providing this tech in their graphics card. But if you take a general idea that 60 series of graphics card is for budget consumer’s and they only need raw performance. and they don’t want to pay an extra premium for losing their performance cause most of the budget consumer are using 1080p Monitor and previous gen 1060 play a great role in 1080p gaming.

But in 2018 when Nvidia introduce their new series graphic card with RTX tech and their top of the line Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080ti only Push 60FPS on 1080p While RTX ON and if they disable performance increase 4 Times. So this is the early stage of their RTX technology which will take a few years to get stable and get into MID Budget consumer market there is more years are left. So might be Nvidia Not Launch their Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 with RTX Enable.

RTX ON vs RTX OFF Benchmarks

Here JayzTwoCents explain that’s how RTX on and RTX Off will hit and gain your performance and cover all the related topics which will help you if you want to plan to buy a RTX 2080ti for more visit his channel and subscribe to him by click here.

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