intel i7 price in india 28999 rupees

Intel i7 9700k Price in India with Benchmarks and Cores Details


Intel i7 9700k


Intel released their new 9th gen CPU on  October 19th.which are just Intel Coffee Lake Refresh more on that later. So now on these new Generation, Intel just announce top contender for their new CPU line. First in this category is Intel Core i5 9600k second Core i7 9700K and last is new processor for the consumer line is Core i9 9900K. Now for full information check out this chart -:

Intel i7 9700k Price in India

So according to the above chart from Intel. This states that intel i7 9700k will have 8 core and 8 threads which base clock speed will be 3.6GHz and Turbo Boost will be Up to  4.9GHz and TDP will be 95W and Cache will be 12MB And supports Two Channel DDR4 Ram which clocked at 2666mhz and all of this Package means intel core i7 9700k price in India will be 28000 Rupees. But this price is without tax and not be confirmed by Amazon India and the intel just messed up with their production issues. So maybe the price will cost you around 30k to 40k. According to supply.

Intel i7 9700k Details

Intel i7 9700k Price in India• Intel i7 9700k Core information 

Intel i7 9700k Price in India

So according to the above table represents that this new processor from Intel called Intel i7 9700k will have 8 Cores and 8 threads mean there will no Hyperthreading this time but you are getting 2 Extra Physical Cores which was not in the previous version in their old gen CPU (Coffee Lake).

Now on the Base clock will be 3.6GHz and Boost will be up to 4.9Ghz only for 2 Cores and next two will get 4.7 and the rest of them will be on 4.6 and this Intel i7 9700k Price in India cost you around 28000 to 35000 Rupees Respectively.

Single Thread

So, first of all, I’ve just picked these benchmarks from So if you wanna check out their website just click on the website name. Now on the test bench, they use MSI Z390 Godlike and also they use Asrock Z390 Taichi Ultimate to confirm the results. On the memory side, they use DDR4-3200 CL14 memory and in last they use Gigabyte’s RTX 2080 Ti Gaming OC.

i7 9700k price in india


On the Single Threaded Side, it’s on the second position with 214 Points which was great cause contender for the first place intel core i9 9900k with 216 Pts has better clock speed and it’s also higher end processor from Intel.i7 9700k price in india

Now in the Multi-thread Side, this Processor lie on 6th Position with 1513 Points and on first place achieved by AMD Threadripper 2950X with 3172 Points but this won’t cause any issue cause it cost a lot more than Intel Core i7 9700k.

Intel i7 9700k Gaming Benchmark

intel i7 9700k Gaming Benchmark

Now on gaming benchmark here I’ve collected these results from various trusted websites to give you proper results and the system they Use for this test is like this for Motherboard they use Asus Rog Strix Z390-F Gaming and for Graphic Card they use Geforce RTX 2080 OC 8GB and For Memory, they Use 16GB RAM at 3200MHz and all of the games are running at 1920*1080p resolution at High to Very High in-game setting. So the Results are like this  -:

So according to the above chart, this new offering from Intel provide a decent amount of boost in gaming. But still, you’ll get 80FPS not those crazy amount of FPS for high-end gaming monitors which can output up-to 240hz.

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