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When You are doing Gaming in a laptop there is a lot of chance that your laptop heat so much and not giving you Desired Frame rates in your games and the Noice is the main Problem. The Fans in the laptop increase their speed cause the amount of heat is more than high to your regular one. So you think i will add an External graphics card for laptop. So  For This problem, there is Three Solution -:

1st Solution -:

  First one and the Best one that I think is best among all of these is Sell your laptop and buy a gaming PC. Which will give you more than enough piece of mind than which I’m gonna tell you next.

2nd Solution Cheap Method -:

• This method will Work in all laptops , you have to buy Egpu PCI-E connector which helps you to connect your external Graphic Card ( means Desktop Graphic card ) and the cable attaches to your laptop Wifi PCI-E Connector so you will Enjoy Gaming in Cable’s Zone For Detail Explanation Follow this Video -:

3rd Solution External graphics card for laptop -:

So, in last and the costly method which helps you to attach graphics card to your laptop in a clean and easy way. In this Method, you need to Buy Egpu Type of case which you can find easily on amazon.com, not on Amazon.in cause they were not released in India till now.For More Check out this Video -:

Thoughts -:

External graphics card for laptop getthattech.com

So you see that these last two methods for External graphics card for laptop are a piece of a **** cause they not provide any great value to the customer. 2nd one makes your room to a Cable store or the second one make all your money blown. so you see why I prefer 1st method cause if you have all the money you buy these things after that you also have to buy Graphic card separately. So i hope you understand thanks for reading.

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