AMD 32-Core Threadripper Processor

AMD 32-Core Threadripper Processor | 2nd Generation |


AMD 32-core Threadripper processor, equal competition:

In the Computex 2018, Intel announces a 28core i7 processor having  5.00GHz  processor this announcement make everyone shocked and made excited too. Too beat Intel new processor AMD also announced to bring his new AMD 32-Core Threadripper Processor with 64 thread and feature the new 12nm Zen+ architecture. This new Threadripper processor which will launch in Q3 2018 will give a huge competition to its rival company Intel.

AMD 32-Core Threadripper Processor

what we have in this :

AMD Threadripper processor has a 32-core and 64 threads. AMD Threadripper has 2nd generation feature with 12nm Zen+ architecture. Intel has 5GHz with a 28-core processor which is absolutely very fast and now AMD has 4 core more over Intel so probably Threadripper may be more powerful than Intel 28-core processor. AMD 32-Core Threadripper Processor will be compatible with existing motherboard x399. AMD Threadripper according to me will be cheaper than Intel in term of price.

AMD 32-Core Threadripper Processor

These both companies are rival to each other and they compete with each other to provide better services and product to the user. Intel introduces its new 28-core processor to gives the user to experience fast running processor and to beat Intel, AMD also going to launch his own 32-core processor. When these companies collide with each other it usually gave benefit to the user.  AMD product is usually cheaper than Intel. And this processor is also going to cheaper than Intel.

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