AMD 32-Core Threadripper Processor

AMD 32-Core Threadripper Processor | 2nd Generation |

AMD 32-core Threadripper processor, equal competition: In the Computex 2018, Intel announces a 28core i7 processor having  5.00GHz  processor this announcement make everyone shocked and made excited too. Too beat Intel new processor AMD also announced to bring his new AMD 32-Core Threadripper Processor with 64 thread and feature the new 12nm Zen+ architecture. This new […]

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Apple removing intel

Apple removing Intel – Apple own processor –

Apple removing Intel: According to Bloomberg Apple decide to remove intel processor from his MacBook and decide to build his own chips in the MacBook. They decide to do this after one or two years maybe in 2020. Apple removing Intel becauseIntel shares in the market decrease by 8% and this will also affect the Apple company. […]

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Optane DC Memory | Intel’s new Memory |

Intel announcement regarding New Optane DC Memory: Intel has just introduced its new  Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory RAM. The new Optane Dc persistence memory is compatible with DDR4  memory slot.there are many types of RAM. some are slow like the DRAM and some are fast like SSDs and HDD. to This SSD are generally are very costly […]

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Xiaomi Youth Edition Mouse

Xiaomi Youth Edition Mouse 1200DPI Wireless

Specification -: • Xiaomi recently releases their new Wireless mouse name Xiaomi Youth Edition Mouse on which cost around CNY 49 (500 Rupees). Which model number is WXSB01MW. Xiaomi Youth Edition Mouse Design -: This mouse comes with Two colors and supports Bluetooth at 2.4ghz and it also pairs with USB dongle for low response time. This Mouse has 100 […]

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Intel Core i7-8086K

Intel Core i7-8086K | Anniversary Edition processor

Intel Core i7-8086K News and Price -: Nowadays there a rumor for new Intel CPU Intel Core i7-8086K. Which leaked by confirmed by Overclockers. According to them that these processors are the most powerful Intel Hexacore CPU. These Intel Core i7-8086K Anniversary Edition will announce and available for preorder on 8th June. The Price Will lie […]

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